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After the immediate effectiveness of The Cole Group was felt within the ACCA-GH community upon being brought on board as an Associate Member to perform services for the members, the statewide association known as TACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America – Texas, asked The Cole Group to come aboard as a Supporter and Associate Member of their Association.  The Cole Group has screened for all varieties of service companies for decades, including HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.




Fewer employees are using drugs at work, thanks to an increased awareness of workplace drug testing policies and EMPLOYER CRACKDOWNS.  More businesses than ever before are requiring their employees to undergo drug screening, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies.  Drug users have apparently caught on to the trend, and learned to look elsewhere for employment if they know they cannot pass a drug screen.  This, per the Texas Workforce Commission newsletter Spring 2007 (see page 7).


  • BACKGROUND INTERVIEW   An in-depth interview and analysis of the applicant’s previous job history (reasons for leaving jobs or being fired),  current drug or alcohol abuse, criminal history, outstanding warrants, vehicular accidents and citations, claims for unemployment benefits when the eligibility of claimant was disputed by employer due to "termination for cause," honesty issues, etc.

  • CRIMINAL HISTORY   Public Records Research with the ability to check actual courthouse government public records anywhere in the U.S.  This completed service is often available the same day you interview an applicant.

  • OFAC WATCH LIST  The Federal Office of Foreign Asset and Control (O.F.A.C.) maintains records of all persons and entities that are banned from entry or conducting business in the United States. This includes terrorists, narcotics traffickers, and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  The Cole Group can process your applicants through this system. 

  • “EYES ONLY” WATCH LIST AND TERRORIST SEARCH  a search of various lists and databases comprising of such information as a fraud, excluded parties, sanctions, medical fraud and malfeasance, data, healthcare integrity, terrorists, fugitives, foreign activists, and a variety of other sources.

  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT DRUG TESTING  in most cities nationwide, with chain-of-custody and utilization of S.A.M.H.S.A. certified laboratories.  Urinalysis is the method used with GC/MS Confirmation Testing.  Please see the information under Company News regarding the effectiveness of drug testing.

  • RANDOM DRUG TESTING of existing employees at your company's location.  Existing customers are eligible for a discount.

  • VERIFICATION OF A SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to the name and date-of-birth provided by the applicant.

  • work-relevant attitudes survey to identify those applicants who are more likely to be honest, drug free, productive, and meet the requirements of the position.

  • FINANCIAL HISTORY   (permissible in certain instances) includes bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens, and all financial encumbrances of public record.  Identification of pending litigation for non-payment of debt and defaults on personal and business obligations and debt.

  • EDUCATION VERIFICATION Nation-wide confirmation of specific degrees and claims of graduation from colleges and universities.

  • CONSULTATION AND TRAINING CONCERNING EMPLOYMENT LAW.  The Cole Group has years of experience in this field.  Training sessions can be arranged to explain drug testing, applicant screening procedures, and laws that effect hiring.

  • CONTINUOUS SCREENING  While most companies currently pre-employment background screening on employees once at the pre-hire stage, a growing trend is for continuous, post-hire, monitoring of employees to avoid  internal threats.  Employers shouldn’t assume that passing a pre-employment screening means there will never be issues with insider threats down the line.  Threats range from knowing about recent driving history to possible instances of theft…with everything in between and beyond a possibility an employer needs to know about.

  • EXIT INTERVIEWS  that can provide departing employees with a place to offer constructive criticisms or suggestions about your company.

  • CONFIDENTIAL TIPS LINE   a “third party” place for persons to report (in confidence) about dishonesty or substance abuse occurring at your place of business.  Many companies offer CASH REWARDS for verifiable “tips.”

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