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After the immediate effectiveness of The Cole Group was felt within the ACCA-GH community upon being brought on board as an Associate Member to perform services for the members, the statewide association known as TACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America – Texas, asked The Cole Group to come aboard as a Supporter and Associate Member of their Association.  The Cole Group has screened for all varieties of service companies for decades, including HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.




Fewer employees are using drugs at work, thanks to an increased awareness of workplace drug testing policies and EMPLOYER CRACKDOWNS.  More businesses than ever before are requiring their employees to undergo drug screening, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies.  Drug users have apparently caught on to the trend, and learned to look elsewhere for employment if they know they cannot pass a drug screen.  This, per the Texas Workforce Commission newsletter Spring 2007 (see page 7).


The Cole Group History

In business since 1973 and located in Houston, Texas, The Cole Group provides assistance to applicants who are seeking a job, and to companies who seek the best possible applicant for that job. We work with and provide services to applicants and companies coast to coast.

Many companies who use The Cole Group are giants in their respective industries.  However, the real backbone of its business is made up of the hundreds of small and medium sized companies who may not maintain a full time Security or "Human Resource" staff.  

Larger companies that do have HR professionals rely on The Cole Group to provide information not available from the many proprietary “data base” companies who have nothing to offer but limited and incomplete data mined “public records.”

In the 1970s there was almost nothing an employer could do when considering an applicant other than to try and persuade former employers to say if the person was eligible for re-hire.  For legal liability reasons most employers were, and still are, reluctant to provide very much useful information about their former employees.

To meet the need of employers for more useful information about their applicants -- and to meet the need of job applicants to be able to demonstrate their suitability for a job -- The Cole Group has developed and refined a screening system over the years that incorporates multiple functions and sources of information. 

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