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After the immediate effectiveness of The Cole Group was felt within the ACCA-GH community upon being brought on board as an Associate Member to perform services for the members, the statewide association known as TACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America – Texas, asked The Cole Group to come aboard as a Supporter and Associate Member of their Association.  The Cole Group has screened for all varieties of service companies for decades, including HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.




Fewer employees are using drugs at work, thanks to an increased awareness of workplace drug testing policies and EMPLOYER CRACKDOWNS.  More businesses than ever before are requiring their employees to undergo drug screening, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies.  Drug users have apparently caught on to the trend, and learned to look elsewhere for employment if they know they cannot pass a drug screen.  This, per the Texas Workforce Commission newsletter Spring 2007 (see page 7).

For the Employer

Confidence is knowing that you found the best possible fit for a job opening. The Cole Group can quickly show your company how to avoid costly "hiring mistakes."

If all you have to go on when making a hiring decision is how the applicant looks, talks, and fills out an is just a matter of "luck" as to how he turns out. The Cole Group will assist you in making hiring decisions based on factors other than just "looks" and "luck."

The Cole Group, a unique "PRE-employment SCREENING FIRM" will assist you in procuring employees based on...

  • Where has the applicant really worked?
  • What jobs has the applicant had that were not listed on your application, and why were they not listed?
  • What were the real reasons and circumstances causing an applicant to leave jobs or be terminated?
  • Where and why has the applicant been fired by employers?
  • What will previous employers say about their dependability and work ethic?
  • Does the applicant have recent criminal history pertinent to the job?
  • Is there a problem with current drug or alcohol abuse?
  • When is the last time he or she used illegal drugs in a "casual or recreational manner?"
  • How many outstanding and unpaid tickets does he or she have?
  • How many outstanding bad checks?

Learning the answers to just a few of the above questions will enable you to avoid the frustrations, wasted time, wasted wage expenses and hard feelings when you find out too got a "bad fit" for the job.

Unlike other companies performing the function of an employment agency, our fees are not based on beginning salary or pay...there is a simple "flat fee" for each person you consider for the job.

The Cole Group will not ask questions or enter into any discussions with an applicant about his or her family’s physical and mental medical conditions or medical histories, impairments, diagnoses, injuries, worker’s compensation claims and any civil rights, personal injury, or workers compensation lawsuits filed by the applicant against all employers, and that if any such information is discovered or obtained, The Cole Group will not in any way disseminate that information to the prospective employer.

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