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After the immediate effectiveness of The Cole Group was felt within the ACCA-GH community upon being brought on board as an Associate Member to perform services for the members, the statewide association known as TACCA - Air Conditioning Contractors of America – Texas, asked The Cole Group to come aboard as a Supporter and Associate Member of their Association.  The Cole Group has screened for all varieties of service companies for decades, including HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical.




Fewer employees are using drugs at work, thanks to an increased awareness of workplace drug testing policies and EMPLOYER CRACKDOWNS.  More businesses than ever before are requiring their employees to undergo drug screening, including the majority of Fortune 100 companies.  Drug users have apparently caught on to the trend, and learned to look elsewhere for employment if they know they cannot pass a drug screen.  This, per the Texas Workforce Commission newsletter Spring 2007 (see page 7).

For the Applicant

Thank you for your interest in The Cole Group. We are here to serve you in your quest for a new and rewarding job.  Every year, we assist thousands of job applicants in their efforts to obtain employment.  This page is designed to explain the purpose and function of The Cole Group and to hopefully make you feel comfortable with our procedures.

The Cole Group will not ask questions or enter into any discussions with an applicant about his or her family’s physical and mental medical conditions or medical histories, impairments, diagnoses, injuries, worker’s compensation claims and any civil rights, personal injury, or workers compensation lawsuits filed by the applicant against all employers, and that if any such information is discovered or obtained, The Cole Group will not in any way disseminate that information to the prospective employer.

Acting like an employment agency, it is always our goal to match the needs of you the applicant -- to that of an employer.  We assist thousands of employees in their efforts to procure employment by providing verification of your background and experience, and suitability for a job.

The first thing you should know is that The Cole Group does not "take sides" with you or the prospective employer. We do not tell an employer who to hire or not hire.  You need to understand that the company where we are helping you to procure employment expects you to be truthful when you provide information about your background and employment history. We will ask you questions about your past – where you have lived, what you have done, where you worked – things like that. And once you’ve answered our interview questions The Cole Group begins to work for you by verifying that information, which assists you in demonstrating suitability for a job.

You do need to understand that the company where you apply expects you to be completely truthful when interviewed by The Cole Group. Although there are other things taken into consideration by the company where you apply, a very important factor is your willingness to be truthful about your background in The Cole Group interview.

If whatever information you may have already provided on your resume or the prospective employer’s written application was “less than forthcoming” and needs to be modified or changed – you will be given an opportunity to “set the record straight” when interviewed by The Cole Group.

But remember, hiring decisions are made by the company where you are seeking to procure employment – not by The Cole Group. If you are not hired, The Cole Group will not know why or be able to tell you why.

As part of our service to those applicants we assist, or attempt to assist in obtaining employment, we will provide a free copy of any “public records” found in your name that were obtained from such sources. Simply write to The Cole Group and provide the approximate date you were interviewed, your name, date-of-birth, last 4 of your Social Security number, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to insure proper and accurate return to your preferred mailing address.  If, for example, you are a victim of identity theft and such records are in error, The Cole Group will be able to inform you how to “set their records straight.”  

Personal Information Disclosure-United States, Overseas, or elsewhere:

The Cole Group does not distribute, sell, or disseminate any identity information to any outside sources, domestic or overseas, other than those that have been consented to and requested by the consumer (applicant). 

Although never occurred, In the event of a suspected compromise of your information, please contact The Cole Group.

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